Zapya For Pc Free Download

Zapya For Pc Free Download

Zapya For Pc Free Download

Zapya For Pc – To share files, pictures, and videos with others, we commonly use USB, Flash or SD card. In this process, we copy the required file from our computer to a USB or SD card (using card reader) and then copy those files in someone’s computer by putting that USB and SD card. But this process requires a lot of time and efforts.

Another process to share files with others is to use online storage websites. But those websites show a number of ads and pop-ups. These websites give limited storage only And internet connection is also required for both computers. So the solution to the above problem and the topic of today’s discussion is “Zapya Pc software”. I am also going to provide download link for this software. Here are full details about this software listed below.


Zapya Software:

Zapya is computer software which is used to share files, images, and videos with anyone (within Wifi Range). It is now available for window, ios, Mac and Android devices. You only have to select files that you want to share. Then you will see all nearby active devices on your computer, you only have to select that device whom you want to send files. Zapya is considered as the best alternative of Bluetooth, NFC or AirDrop. It is an awesome and fast speed software.



Zapya is a utility software designed by a china company “Dew Mobile Inc” which works in different languages including China, Persian, and English. First, it was only introduced in China market and it became famous within a few months. After that, it spread to neighboring countries Pakistan and India. After that, it’s android version became top trending on google play store. This app was created to share files using wifi hotspot. It is also claimed that Zapya was the first ever app of this type. Now a number of other app and software are also available on the market which works by Wifi Hotspot.


Basic Info:

Author DewMobile
Build / Launch 2 Nov 2018
Run on Window 7/ window 8/ window 8.2/ window 10/ window vista/ window XP
License Free


Download Zapya pc software for free

down load inpage

Zapya Mobile App Download Here


This software has a number of features, some of them are listed below:

  • You can share files with anyone just in a few seconds.
  • Don’t need any cable or data cable to perform this task.
  • We don’t need internet connections to share files but wifi access is required for this.
  • You send and receive multiple files.
  • Bluetooth takes a lot of time to connect with a nearby device, but you can easily save your expensive time by using zapya software.
  • This software is available across multiple platforms, you can send and receive files from Pc to mobile phone and mobile phone to pc. This feature also works for Mac and Ios devices.
  • Zapya also allows Phone Replication in which we can easily duplicate (copy) phone’s data to another mobile phone.
  • Now Zapya also provides a QR code option, which you can scan to receive files.
  • Zapya is also available for mobile phones (Android & IOS). You can also install this on MAC devices. It works perfectly there.

Zapya For Pc Free Download

Errors and solutions:

Nothing is perfect in this world and even nothing is entirely best. Zapya also has a number of errors whom I am going to mention below with its solutions:-

  • Zapya sometimes fails to find nearby devices. You should close this application and re-open it. If you are still facing the same issue, you should try to use this software on both devices at the same time.
  • Zapya sometimes shows error and doesn’t send the file. Actually, that file has a virus or any other similar issue which is detected by other computer and that computer refuses to receive that file.
  • You should always try to keep both devices close to each other and always try to use the software of the same version to avoid interruptions.

(Note: we are providing the latest version of

If you are facing any other issue whom I haven’t mentioned above, feel free to discuss with us in comments. We will try i best to help you.


Instructions to install:

Just download zapya setup by clicking on a link posted above, after downloading install this software on your computer. You don’t need any specific RAM or Storage as this software can even work on slow devices without showing any error or bug. Here we are providing the latest version of this software.

Does it use cable or internet connection?

No, you don’t need to use data cable or internet connection for this. This software works with Hotspot and Wifi signals. Your computer will be connected to your friend’s pc. That person who is going to send file can select whom he wants to send that file. And you will be able to send and receive files.


How much time does it usually take to send/receive files?

It depends upon the distance between your computer and your friends’ computer. If both computers (devices) are close, you will be able to send and receive files within seconds.

Zapya For Android:

We can also send and receive files from mobile phone to computer. For this purpose, you need to install Zapya app from Play store or Apple app store. You can also install Zapya software for Mac (Apple) devices.


Last words:

If you are looking for the best way to share files with anyone, then you are at right place. Just download and install Zapya software on your computer. It is the best alternative of Bluetooth. You can send files in a few seconds to any platform.

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