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Inpage 2019 Free Download

In the previous two articles, we discussed inpage 2009 and inpage 2018 software. Inpage has recently launched a new version of inpage. Inpage 2019 has just newly launched and many websites are offering this software to download for free but most of them are fake. They are providing previous and old versions. Don’t waste your time there as we have solved this issue. You can download this software for free as I have pasted its download link in this article. But before that, I would like to share a bit of info about fonts, designs, tools, and features of inpage 2019.

Why Inpage 2019?

Inpage 2019 is a Pc software which could be used to write anything in Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, and other local Pakistani languages As all of the above languages have the same writing scripts. It has more features and tools as compared with its old versions. It has more perfection and efficiency.

Basic Info:

01 Developer Inpage Inc team
02 License Free
03 Build / Release 2019
04 Platform Android/ Mac (apple)/ Windows


Inpage Series:

Inpage is used to write articles and create images in the Urdu language. It was first launched in 1994. The main concept behind the development of this software was to help Pakistani newspaper industry. Now, this software is used in the Paper industry, writing books, magazines, Holy scripts, graph designing Banners and editing images. So, It is widely used in the printing industry.
Inpage 2019 is mostly used by Youtubers and Bloggers to design thumbnails for their youtube channels and blog. especially, those whose channels and blogs are in the English language. You can read about its features and its download link is given below.

Click Here Inpage 2019 Free Download down load inpage

Features of inpage 2019

  • You can insert images and videos into the documents.
  • Automatic Kerning in Nastaliq text.
  • Now you can install multiple third-party keyboards easily.
  • Kashida is automatically inserted in Arabic fonts.
  • Word and Character counting feature for selecting statements.
  • Checking Urdu spelling and correct them automatically.
  • You can wrap around the text (around round things or objects only).
  • Rotation of text at any angle. You can also rotate images and some angle.
  • A number of new fonts to write scripts.
  • There are many other tools in inpage 2019 listed in a paragraph given below.


Tools used in this software are listed below:-
Cropping images: This tool can crop images automatically within the software.
It can translate statements to any other language. It works like Google translate and the Oxford dictionary.
Inpage Keyboard:
In inpage 2019, there are several keyboards which allow users to type in Urdu.
These keyboards have different designs and colors. You can select any one of your choices.
Check Spellings:
In this software, you can not only check whether the spellings are correct or not? You can also allow this software to correct those spelling automatically.
Custom Themes:
There are many custom themes which you can use to design graphic images and to write something on it. Custom Themes have Different background images and font.

Why inpage is preferred on other software?

Inpage (any version) is always preferred on other software that is used to write in Urdu languages. There are a number of reasons behind this.

  1. Inpage also allows you to write in other Pakistan languages like Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, etc but other software doesn’t support all the languages.
  2. Using Inpage, you can save the file in different formats. You can use it to write books. It is also used in graph designing.
  3. Inpage has a number of Fonts to write scripts. You can select any font which you like. However, this feature doesn’t exist in other software.

Hotkeys for inpage 2019:

Hotkeys are used to perform any task in fewer efforts and time. Here are a few keys listed below:

01 CTRL + B To bold the selected words
02 CTRL + C To copy the selected words
03 CTRL + H To character format
04 CTRL + V To paste the copied words
05 CTRL + X To cut the selected words
06 CTRL + P To print the following page
07 ALT + delete To delete the following page
08 CTRL + F10 To increase the font size of selected words

System Requirements for InPage 2018:




01 CPU Intel / AMD Pentium III or Pentium IV
02 RAM 128 MB
03 Graphics Card Graphics card Built-in 32 or 64 MB memory
04 Space: 54 MB (Required for the setup)
05 OS window XP, window 7, window 8, window 8.1 and window 10


To download its Android version, search for “inpage” on play store.

Last Words:

In this article, I have tried my best to list all new features, tools, and fonts of inage 2019. If you are not happy with Inpage 2019, then I suggest you try inpage 2018 once. If you are facing any problem while downloading this software or installing it, then please inform us by commenting below.
Share this article with your friends so that they could be able to know about this fantastic software.

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