Inpage 2012 free download

inpage Urdu software free download 2012

Inpage 2012 free download

In previous articles, we discussed inpage 2009, 2018 and 2019 software. Today we ‘ll discuss inpage 2012 free download software. Inpage 2012 was the first software launched after inpage 2009. Inpage 2009 is the most popular and famous software of this series. It’s updated version was launched after three years in 2012. You can download this software for free. But before that don’t forget to read a bit of information about its fonts, designs, tools and new features of inpage 2012 that I have mentioned below.


Inpage 2011 and inpage 2012:

Inpage series has launched many updated versions of it but inpage 2009 become more famous at that time as that software had flexibilities. After that, inpage launched its new version in 2011 which didn’t earn much fame like that of inpage 2009 did. Inpage team again launched their new version in 2012 by doing a little change in the previous version. So we can say that inpage 2012 is not much different from inpage 2011 but it is more advanced than that one.

Basic Info:

01 Developer Inpage Inc team
02 License Free
03 Build / Release 2012
04 Platform Android/ Mac (apple)/ Windows

Why Inpage 2012?

Inpage 2012 is a Pc software which we can use to write something in Pashto, Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, and other related languages. It has more features and tools as compared with inpage 2009 and inpage 2011.


Inpage Series:

Inpage is a writing and designing software which we used to write articles and design graphic images in the Urdu language. This software was first launched in early 1994. The main concept behind the development of this software was to help Pakistani newspaper industry in publishing newspapers in Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Kashmiri and Saraiki languages. This software is also used in the Paper industry, writing books, magazines, Holy scripts, graphic designs like Banners and graphic images. Now, this software is widely used in the printing industry.


Installing Instructions:

I have posted a link before this point. just click here to download the compressed file. After downloading, just install this software on your computer. If you are facing any problem while installing this software, then feel free to contact us or comment below.

Hotkeys for inpage 2012:

Hotkeys are used to perform any task in fewer efforts and time. Here are a few keys listed below:

01 CTRL + B To bold the selected words
02 CTRL + C To copy the selected words
03 CTRL + H To character format
04 CTRL + V To paste the copied words
05 CTRL + X To cut the selected words
06 CTRL + P To print the following page
07 ALT + delete To delete the following page
08 CTRL + F10 To increase the font size of selected words

Inpage 2012 free download


  • we can easily insert text and images in the document.
  • The automatic kerning feature is available only for Nastaliq text.
  • We can install multiple third-party keyboards.
  • Word and Character can be counted by selecting the intire statement.
  • We can check Urdu spellings and can correct them automatically.
  • You also rotate text at different angles.
  • We also rotate images.
  • You write with a number of different fonts.
  • It also uses tools to customize documents and images.
  • We can also create Facebook posts in Urdu using this software. Just click here to read more about creating posts in Urdu.

Download Now Inpage 2012

down load inpage


There are many tools that work in this software. Using these tools, we can customize our documents easily.


  • Crop image:

This is a simple tool, using this tool we can crop images easily. We can specify its dimensions and can also rotate these images in different angles.


  • Use Inpage Keyboard:

There are several keyboards in this software. Using this software, We can write and type in Urdu. These keyboards have many designs. We can select those designs that we want to use for our computer.


  • Check Spellings:

We can check spellings of all languages available in this software. We can check that wether spellings of a specific word is correct or not, we can remove that word and can also correct those spellings automatically as mentioned below.


  • Correct Spellings:

This tool works automatically. If you have turned this feature on, all of your spellings will be corrected automatically.


  • Use Custom Themes:

If you want to design a graphic image or want to write documents, you don’t need to spend too much time there. You can simply select a custom theme from this software.


Is inpage 2012 free?

No, this software is not free even inpage don’t provide free trial and demo. But, we are providing this software for free. You just have to click on a link that I have posted above to download it.


System Requirements for InPage 2012:




01 CPU Intel / AMD Pentium III or Pentium IV
02 RAM 128 MB
03 Graphics Card Graphics card Built-in 32 or 64 MB memory
04 Space: 50 MB
05 OS window XP, window 7, window 8, window 8.1 and window 10

Last Words:

If you are thinking to install “Inpage 2012 free download” software for your computer that can help you to design images, banners, to write documents in Urdu and other entire languages. Then you are at right place. Just install this software on your computer for free.

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