How to Write Urdu in Facebook

How to Write Urdu in Facebook

How to Write Urdu in Facebook

Write Urdu in Facebook – In Facebook, we can also create posts in Urdu and other languages. Urdu is a national language of Pakistan and is also used in few cities of India. Today I am going to describe how to create Facebook posts, send messages and comment in Urdu. You can also set your account name or page name in Urdu. Here I have mentioned this method for both androids as well as desktop devices.


On Android devices, we can use the urdu keyboard to write something in Urdu. You can use this keyboard in only in facebook but also in Twitter, Whatsapp, Google, IMO in fact anywhere. Here 3 different keyboards and their methods to use are given below:

How to Write Urdu in Facebook

Google Keyboards:

Google keyboards widely used on Android devices. A large number of languages exists theirs in google keyboard. You don’t need to install this app as this feature already exists in Android devices. However, you have to set a custom language for it which you want to use.

While using an android keyboard, you will see an option in the top options bar. In many devices, you have to long press “Space Bar” to see different options like Android keyboard UK (already ticked), Google Keyboard UK, Google Voice Typing, etc.

You will also see another option “Choose Keyboards” there. Just click here. Usually, it requires an internet connection or wifi access to download any language. Click on more languages and select “Urdu”. After installation complete, you will be able to use both English as well as the Urdu language on your mobile phone at the same time without changing a setting. You only have to press and move the Space Bar in the left or right direction to choose a language which you want to use.

Now, open your facebook (or facebook lite) app on your mobile phone to create posts, comment somewhere and send a massage to anyone in Urdu.

Note: you can also use more than two keyboards at the same time.


InPage App:

Inpage is a powerful Pc software used to write in Urdu. We have written a number of useful articles on it. You can read about them by clicking here. Recently, inpage has also launched its Android version (mobile app) to provide the flexibility of using Urdu to mobile users. You can install this app by searching “inpage” on google play store or click here to install it.

You can use this app for ten different languages like Urdu, Persian, Pashto and other local languages. After that, go to facebook and use language freely.

write Urdu in facebook


Swift keyboard:

Swift keyboard not only allows you to write in your own language, but you can also keyboard of different designs and colors of your interest. You only need to install Swift keyboard from Play store and choose design and language in settings. Its further procedure is the same as both of the above keyboards. You have to visit Facebook to use it in the Urdu language.

Google Translator:

Google translator is a tool which is used to translate any statement from one language to any other language just by one click. You can also use this tool online by searching for it on google.

For further procedure, you have to select “English” for language which is to be translated and “Urdu” for that language which you want to translate. You only have to write a statement in English, you will see its translation in Urdu. Just copy that Urdu translation and paste on facebook or on any other place where you want to use it.

Note:- Google translator considered as the best translator in the world but it provides 90% accuracy. You can’t get 100% best result here.


Desktop Devices:

A large number of Facebook users use Facebook on a desktop or computer. Two best methods to write in Urdu which are described below:


Window Keyboard:

Many computers provide an option to use a keyboard for both Urdu as well as the English language. We will find Urdu digits on the keyboard. You have to change the language for this. You can perform this task by clicking on “EN” option on the bottom and select “UR” to use that keyboard in Urdu. Now you can easily use Facebook and can write everything in Urdu.



If you don’t know much about inpage, read our articles on inpage 2009, inpage 2018 and inpage 2019 by clicking here. Inpage is the best ever solution for Urdu. You can also use inpage to write posts on facebook.


Last Words:

English is an international language which is wildly used in Pakistan as well but to communicate with local people it is required for you to write those posts in Urdu. In this article, I have mentioned the best solutions to write Facebook posts in Urdu for both Android as well as desktop devices. If you still think something is missing here then feel free to describe in comments.


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